Conversus Group transforms companies and professionals using our proprietary 3-step approach:

  1. See your business for what it is which allows you to work in alignment with the business instead of against it. 
  2. Shift your energy on a personal level so that every day you will be doing what needs to be done. 
  3. Overcome what you need to do because the crippling question "What do I do now?"  is answered for you.

Conversus Group was founded over 15 years ago by Lisa Broderick after turning around, starting and funding companies for decades.  Lisa doesn't just work with you and your company, she makes it her mission to hand-hold CEOs and professionals through her proven business transformation process.  Her efforts have been lauded by business owners and sole proprietors alike, with numerous appearances on ABC World News as a business correspondent and articles written on small business success.

Lisa Broderick is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 30 years of success across the technology, finance, and business development industries. Leveraging extensive experience raising funds and capital for up-and-coming companies, she is a valuable asset for an early-stage business in the process of developing financial strategies and growth plans. Her broad areas of expertise include finance, strategic planning and execution, leadership, and business coaching.

Throughout her career, Lisa has held various leadership positions including Chief Executive of PenOp, Chief Financial Officer of Perceptum Solutions, Chief Financial Officer of Spafinder.com, Chief Executive Officer of Honicorp, Interim Chief Executive Officer of News Electronic Data, Chief Executive Officer of Telecomica Cooperatief, and Turnaround CEO for GE Capital’s Equity Capital Group. Currently, she is the Managing Partner at Conversus Group which she founded in 2001, one of her many successful entrepreneurial ventures. Lisa has proven to be extremely successful as an entrepreneur; the first company she co-founded in the 1980’s established a licensing agreement with Microsoft and her second startup, a technology firm, experienced rapid growth earning $30M annually before she sold her interest. Additionally, her consulting firm Conversus Group works with numerous startups in the development, management, and buyouts/mergers of their businesses.

Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University and a Master of Business Administration in International Finance from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She has an abundance of experience as a board member having served on numerous advisory boards over the years. Lisa is also the Executive Director of Police2Peace, a charitable organization she is extremely passionate about that works to change the term “Police” Officer to the term “Peace” Officer.

Skill sets: Turn Around Expert, Change Facilitator and Funding Advisor

Once the process of transformation is underway, Conversus Group offers expertise in nearly every area needed by small, growing companies.

Richard Salute, CPA is an expert in audit, accounting and tax whose experience with small and medium sized businesses spans over 40 years.  As an authority on SEC matters, Rich has been the key accounting and finance professional in numerous initial public offerings and has represented clients that trade securities on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and other over-the-counter markets.

Skill sets: Finance, Equity Offerings, Financings and Accounting

Shelley Landau is one of the first full-time professional QuickBooks trainers in the New York area with nearly 20 years experience in bookkeeping and accounting.  Shelley now deploys QuickBooks not just purely as an accounting program but as enterprise software. This affords small and medium sized businesses the special benefits larger companies enjoy such as centralized customer and financial information, improved accuracy, and of course, more productivity.

Skill sets; Bookkeeping and Accounting

Frank Moten is a professional designer, photographer, technologist and publicist with 30 years experience in the promotion, launch and marketing of small and medium sized businesses of every kind around the country and the world.

Skill sets: PR/Publicity, Supply Chain, Process Improvement, Brand and Web Development

Don Carlin, PhD is a nearly 30 year expert in technology development, deployment and intellectual property for small and medium sized businesses.  Don is also a seasoned technology CEO and CTO, taking start-ups and small growing companies to the next level of success.

Skill sets: Patents and Intellectual Property

Jules Sanchez is an experienced virtual admin with expertise in the latest business productivity and client management tools including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, VISIO, OneNote and Infusion Soft.  With virtual receptioninst, email management, project management and data entry, Jules is at your service whenever you need anything from a total makeover to just-in-time support.

Skill sets: Virtual Admin, Client Management and Business Solutions